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Outsourced bookkeeping means that when the company's business scale and accounting complexity are not enough to meet the needs of hiring dedicated accountants, the company's accounting and tax matters are handed over to professional outsourced bookkeeping firms. Due to the high cost of dedicated accountants Therefore, outsourcing to an accounting firm for bookkeeping is the first choice for most micro-enterprises and start-up companies. The benefits of outsourcing bookkeeping include saving costs, uninterrupted tax work, avoiding unnecessary losses of enterprises caused by changes in accountants, and timely and accurate tax returns.
Therefore, it is the most time-saving, labor-saving and cost-saving method to directly entrust accounting, taxation and other operations to the team of Jingxun accountants with rich practical experience. It can easily solve such troublesome matters as accounting and tax declaration.


Introduction to bookkeeping and tax declaration services

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Bookkeeping and tax filing services


Our firm purchases and sends a new invoice


Timely voucher sorting, registration and accounting (cooperate with business tax registration in each period)


Business tax declaration, PDF electronic file of 401 declaration form ( 15th of a single month)


Various types of income withholding (exemption) declaration and issuance of withholding vouchers (January)


Profit enterprise income tax settlement declaration (May)


Declaration of Undistributed Earnings (May)


Income Tax Estimated Provisional Return (September)


Suggestion on distribution of surplus for the previous year (September)


Annual tax planning (December)


Prepare journals, trial balances, balance sheets, consolidated income statements


Suggestions on internal operation and system planning of the company


Labor health insurance and second-generation health insurance consultation


Free Financial Tax Consultation


We also have more in-depth customized accounting services (please contact us if necessary)


How to switch accountant/bookkeeper firm?




Contact our firm to confirm the services your company needs.


Conversion is possible at any time, there is no need to wait until the end of the year.


Notify the former firm to terminate the appointment. (Painless connection with our counseling)


This firm has completed the bookkeeping business connection with the original firm.

( Your company number may not appear)


Complete the conversion process and start to feel the professional and high-quality services of our firm.


Bookkeeping and tax return monthly service items


monthly service content


●Business tax declaration for November-December of the previous year

●All kinds of income deduction (exemption) declaration work in the previous year

●Declaration of dividend warrants

●Provide the estimated profit and loss of the previous year


●Delivery of March-April invoices

●Profit-for-profit enterprise income tax settlement declaration pre-work


●Business tax declaration for January-February

●Profit-for-profit enterprise income tax settlement declaration pre-work


●Delivery of invoices from May to June

●Profit-for-profit enterprise income tax settlement declaration pre-work


●Business tax declaration for March-April

●Company profit-making enterprise income tax settlement declaration operation

●Comprehensive income tax settlement declaration work

●Execution of business income and other income settlement declaration


●Account processing from January to April

●Delivery of July-August invoices


●Business tax declaration for May-June

●May-June account processing


●Delivery of September-October invoices

●Provide profit and loss and business status precautions from January to June


●July-August business tax declaration

●July-August account processing

●Provisional declaration of income tax estimate


●Delivery of November-December invoices

●Provide profit and loss and business status precautions from January to August

●Preliminary calculation of undistributed surplus for the previous year


●Business tax declaration for September-October

●September-October account processing

●Investigation of various income withholding declaration materials


●Suggestions on planning for profit-making business income declaration

●Provide profit and loss and business status precautions from January to October

●Delivery of invoices from January to February of the next year






National Exam Qualification Team

The members of our firm include college entrance examination accountants, college entrance examination lawyers, college entrance examination appraisers, general examination bookkeepers, general examination land administrators, securities analysts and many professionals to provide you with professional and comprehensive services.

The office has convenient transportation

Our offices are located in convenient locations, close to train stations, high-speed rail stations, MRT stations, and parking lots, saving your transportation costs.

legal representative status

Pursuant to Article 387 of the Company Law, when applying for company registration, the agents are limited to accountants and lawyers. Our firm provides you with complete services as an agent in accordance with the law, saving you the cost of facing the competent authority and forwarding mail.

reliable information system

Our firm adopts the accounting information system produced by major domestic manufacturers, and regularly backs up customer information to provide you with a service with full marks for information security.



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